Mitel Call Accounting

Mitel Call Account licences and upgrades by Sales-Tele

Effectively managing telecom activity and expenses, Mitel Call Accounting ensures businesses have a true picture of how and where their telecom budgets are spent. It helps managers track phone use, bill back departments, detect fraud, and reconcile carrier bills.

Call Accounting allows businesses to better manage telecom expenses and set up telecom systems for optimal performance. Get the True Picture Call Accounting enables managers to track, understand, and ultimately predict call patterns.

When combined with Mitel Contact Center Management, businesses enjoy both contact center and general business costing as well as advanced data mining and reporting for telecom management. Cost allocation reports enable managers to accurately cost calls by extension, account code, or department.

These reports help businesses bill back departments and detect telecom misuse.

Billing errors can account for up to ten percent of annual telecom expenses. Call Accounting enables businesses to reconcile their carrier bills. So, contact us today to receive your personalised business solution.

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