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Operational efficiency meets quality monitoring

Workforce management (WFM) optimises productivity, all the way from the company-wide level down to individual employees. With a good WFM solution, you can plan, forecast and schedule agents to increase operational efficiency. Combined with call recording and quality management tools, you can provide managers, supervisors and employees with a variety of workforce tools to help monitor, analyse and enhance individual and group performance.

Top Functions of Workforce Management and Recording Solutions

Multi-channel Forecasting and Scheduling

With agent forecasting and scheduling tools, you can achieve significant cost benefits by right-sizing agent staffing without sacrificing service levels and automating scheduling, even in multi-skill, multi-channel environments with complex local work rules and company policies.

Call Recording & Quality Management

Benefit from powerful real-time and historical perspective on the interactions occurring within your business, translating to enhanced employee performance, a better understanding of customer service issues and improved business processes.

Administrative Process Automation

Automate many common call center processes, including shift trading and time-off requests. Requests can be automatically approved or denied based on effects on service levels, removing time-consuming manual work from resource planners and team leaders.

Risk and Compliance Management

Document phone-based transactions to minimise liability risk and ramifications of miscommunication with customers. Ensure compliance and e-discovery requirements by querying recordings though keywords and phrases, simplifying search and review of audio data.

Mitel workforce management solutions ensure resources are properly allocated to avoid mishaps that negatively impact the customer experience, like long wait times and multiple transfers to find the correct agent for a customer’s query. Our call recording tools enable your organisation to quickly capture, archive, and organise, playback and share voice documentation. By organising and sharing these recordings, you can transform isolated events into part of your continuous improvement system. Our quality management solutions add advanced quality assurance, personnel development and reporting tools to the core recording technology, all tightly bundled into one comprehensive system.

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