Mitel Contact Centre

Mitel Contact Centre licences by Sales-Tele

Mitel Call Center and Customer Experience Solutions

Delivering a satisfying customer experience is a top priority for most organisations today, and the responsibility of managing that experience has never been more complex. The world is changing, ushering in a digital age. While voice-based communication with customers still plays a strong role, consumers are increasingly looking to digital communication methods (like social media, SMS, Web chat and email) and demanding the flexibility to interact with companies through through their preferred media.

Customers are increasingly empowered by social media, where a negative customer service story can go viral with the click of a mouse—making customer advocacy a crucial competitive differentiator. Today’s organisation must adapt to provide a convenient, satisfying and consisent customer experience at all times. What’s more, economic downturns and an evolving marketplace have made reducing costs and increasing operational efficiency increasingly crucial—all while remaining compliant with industry regulations and compliance policies. The challenge lies in offering a flexible, intimate customer experience without compromising your bottom line. That’s where Mitel’s solutions come in.

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