Mitel Phone Systems

Mitel phone systems by Sales-Tele

Mitel are a telecoms company recognised the world over whose specialisation is unified communications. The phone systems are made to integrate into any telecom requirements, be in single use systems or large call centre operations.

If you are looking for system telephones with wideband audio and a host of features which include programmable keys, IP connections and a clear and consistent sound quality then Mitel are a brand you will want to consider. The Mitel IP System phones offer a cost reduction in routing calls over broadband/ internet connection ( IP/ VoIP protocols ) which ( unlike the PSTN ) allow further enhancements to data sharing and unified communications as the sysadmin is able to configure telecommunications across a host of devices from a central point, meaning that calls and data can be routed to the correct person or people over a converged network.

This is naturally great for the streamlining of business efficiency and processes.